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       Earth is a dynamic and active planet. It is a living organism that is constantly seeking balance and equilibrium. There is often things happening, including natural disasters. Unfortunately many people die unnecessary in natural disasters, due partly to a lack of survival preparedness.

       There is also the potential for man-made disasters, like nuclear power station disasters, war, terrorism or an economic recession or depression. Or people may find themselves stranded in a remote area due to an accident while traveling by land, air or sea.

       The bottom line is that accidents happen. That is why we wear seat belts when we drive, and strap our children into safety seats. We do not act out of fear, but out of love for doing what is best for ourselves and our families, come what may.

       There are also many predictions and prophecies that involve war and disasters. We never know what is going to happen next on this eventful planet. But instead of fearing what might happen, or burying our heads in the sand in denial that something negative might happen, we can take a more healthy approach, which is this:

It is better to prepare for the worst, then
put it out of mind and live for the best.

Survival Preparedness Kit


     Important: This website is not claiming that any disasters or predictions will ever happen, and it is sincerely hoped that they do not. The intent of this website is not to cause anyone to engage in fear or anxiety about the future. On the contrary, because we know from the past that natural and man-made disasters can happen, being prepared for them brings peace of mind, and is basic common sense. It also helps to empower us to realize that we have some influence on our destiny and are not total victims to outside forces.

       For a handy reference guide that you can keep by your phone, this website is also available in a printable e-book form. It also includes extras, like the immediate actions for emergencies and disasters at the front in a "Disaster Response Summaries" section. For details, see the Survival eBook page.

       The survival preparation items mentioned on this website and in the ebook will cost you some money. (We do not sell them. We just point you in the right direction.) If you are asking yourself: Do I really need to invest in these items and will I ever use them, the answer is: "You may". So because it is possible, it's better to be safe than sorry. Even though they will cost you some money, unlike an insurance policy, if you end up not needing them, you can always use them up, sell them or upgrade them. So don't allow a few dollars - or a few hundred or thousand, depending on your needs - to stand between you and your family's survival and peace of mind. Plus, if those dollars are sitting in the bank when calamity strikes, it will be too late. They will no longer help you.

Financial Assets for Survival

The main areas covered on this website:

Outdoor Survival Guide:

  • Wilderness Survival - includes what steps to take, decision making and stress management (survival psychology), signaling for help, building shelters and fires, finding food and water, and more.
  • Winter Survival - how to survive in cold environments.
  • Water Survival - how to survive at sea or in fresh water.
  • Travel Survival Kit - survival kit contents for a small and large travel kit.

Disaster Survival:

     Includes preparedness and the immediate actions for the following:

  • Natural Disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire and volcanoes.
  • Other Disasters - power outages, nuclear accidents and different kinds of warfare and terrorism, biological and chemical disasters and winter and summer storms.

Survival Preparedness:

  • General steps to take for survival preparedness.
  • Home Shelter - being safe at home, including "shelter-in-place"
  • Evacuation Kit - in case you have to leave your home suddenly.
  • Home Survival Kit and Preparations - also known as a 72 hour survival kit, it includes water, food, first aid supplies, personal items, equipment and sanitation.

Financial Survival:

  • Economic Problems - the cause of our economic problems.
  • Financial Preparedness - Covers your assets (including gold and silver), your liabilities, alternate sources of income and bartering.
  • General Tips for Your Abundance and Prosperity. You can also submit your own suggestions on that page!

Survival Resources

     Links to books and websites on survival preparedness.


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